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Full Disclosure

Through extensive experience as contract workers, we at Synesis have identified those issues that are considered negative -- and eliminated them through our business model. One of the most common areas of contention is the rate that the contract shop bills for your time, which is kept absolutely secret for good reason. When a worker finds out the vast amounts of money that the shop is keeping, it generates enormous animosity and prompts the worker to look for alternatives (see "No Non-Compete Clauses" below!).

With full disclosure of markups and billing rates, you know exactly how much we make and in many cases, you negotiate the billing rate directly with the customer yourself. Since one of the alternatives typically considered is self incorporation in order to keep more of the billing rate, our markups accurately reflect the costs of incorporating, which means you would make very little more doing that, but would take on enormous overhead in stress and lost time.

Details of Full Disclosure

Fixed Markups

With Synesis, you get full disclosure of all costs involved in your placement -- beginning with your hourly pay rate. After adding on fixed amounts like company FICA taxes and insurances, a fixed profit margin is added to determine the billing rate required. Several expenses are estimates. At the end of the year, any overestimated expense is returned to you as a bonus.

Details of Fixed Markups

No Non-Compete Clause

The standard non-compete clause reads something like this:

"For six months, you are not allowed to accept employment directly with the client company or for a competitor for work at the client company."

With full disclosure of fixed markups, this clause is unnecessary when working with Synesis. We do not control your raises while struggling to maximize our profits. You are in control and can negotiate a raise with the customer any time you think it's feasible.

Profit Sharing Referral Fees

One of the benefits of self incorporation is the opportunity to profit by hiring others. The financial risk involved can be high and borrowing up to eight weeks of payroll for a high tech engineer is daunting. Synesis has the goal of giving you every benefit of incorporating with none of the hassles. Therefore, when you refer someone who is placed through Synesis, you are not rewarded with a one-time check for $250 or $500. You earn a share of the profits produced by that individual.

There's more. This benefit is not enough to command the loyalty necessary to do without a non-compete clause. The lesson of geometric progressions has been taught well by other well-known companies. At Synesis, if your referral refers others, you will earn a share of the profits produced by them as well -- up to four levels of referrals.

Details of Profit Sharing Referral Fees

Contract Employment
Contract Employment
Contract Employment
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