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Details of Referral System

Referrals at other contract shops earn you a $250 or $500 one-time bonus. Even if that person works through that shop for three or four years earning them $100,000 or more, you're long forgotten with your paltry one-time fee. You deserve more.

Once you're working through Synesis, you can start referring others. If one of your referrals is successfully placed, you are rewarded with $1 per hour of the hours that they charge. Should the people you refer, in turn, refer others that are hired, you will receive 50 cents for each hour that they work. For the next two levels of referrals you receive 25 cents per hour.

Although you should not depend on retiring based on your referral fees given the dynamic nature of the contract employment industry, the referral fees can add up quickly and don't stop when your own position ends. To show the highly unlikely potential, just assume that you refer five friends. They each refer five friends who refer five, who also refer five. That's the limit of your referral pyramid from a depth perspective (4 levels), but take a look at the numbers (assuming everyone works 40 hour weeks):

1st level referral fees: 5 people @ $1 / hour = $5 / hour

2nd level referral fees: 25 people @ $0.50 / hour = $12.50 / hour

3rd level referral fees: 125 people @ $0.25 / hour = $31.25 / hour>

4th level referral fees: 625 people @ $0.25 / hour = $156.25 / hour

Your referral fees would total $205 per hour -- $8,200 per week -- or $410,000 per year (based on 50 week years). That's not including your own hourly rate!

These referral fees are not added to the rate calculations as overhead. These are included in the Synesis markup and are paid at our sole discretion. Effectively, we are paying these fees for advertising, but instead of handing the money to ad agencies, magazines, online marketers, etc., we give it to you to advertise for us. This is another way that we limit our overhead to give you (and us) the best of everything.

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