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Overview for Hiring Companies

Most companies will receive contractor resumes directly for numerous reasons. Whatever the reason, the result is that the individual is hired through a contract shop which is paid a substantial markup for no work. Synesis provides that service better.

Save Time

When an independent or a normal submittal is interviewed, and the hiring process begins, negotiations consist of phone calls passed from hiring company to contract shop to contractor all with the purpose of maximizing the billing rate while minimizing the pay rate. Maximizing the shop's profit is simply business, but it's a waste of your time. With Synesis' fixed published markups, you can negotiate the pay rate directly with the individual at the end of the interview. You have the information to calculate the billing rate.

Save Money

Our full disclosure, fixed markup, placement service takes the place of a standard contract shop that demands 25%, 30%, or 40% profit on the hourly workers that provide staffing for your endeavors. The fixed profit margin for Synesis is substantially lower than the industry standard saving you thousands per year on each contract worker.

Note: In today's business world, it is common for the large national firms to offer "referral" fees to hiring managers and HR personnel for the use of their services in the situation where an independent contractor needs a shop. While this practice (less affectionately known as "kickbacks") is accepted, it is at worst illegal (in Defense related companies) and at best questionable. All arrangements are fully disclosed to all parties involved.

Eliminate Frustration

One of the most common complaints about the service provided by contract shops is the deluge of unqualified resumes in response to an open requirement. Synesis provides the same search and placement service, but provides unique personal networking unequaled by other shops. Our referral fee program provides massive incentive for any Synesis contractor to help fill your needs.

Maximize Quality

In many cases, this personal networking strategy which results from the Synesis referral structure pays off in another way -- the pretested team. An individual who has worked with others in the past will actively recruit them to fill your positions. Those individuals know each other's strengths and weaknesses, and there's less time wasted learning the team dynamics. This maximizes the quality of the team's work and increases the chances of completing your projects on time and within budget.

Standard Services

Synesis will search for qualified candidates to fill your open reqs, but will do so with the same full disclosure and fixed markups provided to independents that you bring to us. In addition, Synesis allows you to search any contractor resumes submitted directly to our site for free. Our searches to fill your positions extend beyond that to the database of is a premier technical resume database which has resulted in countless direct and contract placements. If you would like direct access to the more than 40,000 active resumes at, you are eligible for a 10% discount off the regular subscription price just for being a visitor to the Synesis website. Check out and then contact us (or them!).

Contract Employment
Contract Employment
Contract Employment
Contract Employment

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